Questioning God

Has God forgotten to be merciful? Has he in anger withheld his compassion? Psalm 77:9

Often times when a diagnosis of dementia is declared, the patient wonders if God has forgotten them, if His mercy is absent, or if He is withholding His compassion. In today’s Psalm passage, Asaph questions God and cries out to Him in the midst of his depression. He too wonders if God has intentionally withheld His compassion and mercy out of anger. Nothing could be further from the truth. God does not use dementia as an arm of His anger toward mankind!

It is during these difficult days prior to and after a diagnosis of dementia that God’s compassion and mercy continue to flow freely. These gracious gifts are there wondrously waiting for us, craving to comfort us, and always available to aide us in the struggles we face. All we must do is seek our Heavenly Father and ask for His help.

Perhaps you are feeling angry with God today. Perhaps you are wondering if God is purposely withholding His mercy and compassion from you. Maybe you even think God is angry with you. I’ve been in the same sinking ship as I wrestled with God over these quirky questions. However, God had not forgotten me nor had He withheld His mercy and compassion. They were always available! All I needed to do was open my heart, confess my struggles, and seek His help. Only then did perfect peace flow freely in my life.

Therefore, seek God today. Ask for His heavenly help. Open your heart for His tender touch. He will comfort you and bring you peace for He is your merciful and compassionate Heavenly Father. Remember, He loves you dearly and He will never forsake you!

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