Prayer of Deliverance

Arise, O Lord! Deliver me, O my God! Strike all my enemies on the jaw; break the teeth of the wicked. Psalm 3:7

The 3rd Psalm is psalm of triumphant trust in the Lord during the fierce fires of adversity. In today’s passage, King David cries out to the Lord with a confident appeal for deliverance from his enemies. His words are an urgent battle cry for the Lord to strike his foes and break the hands of the wicked.

David’s heartfelt appeal for deliverance and his confident battle cry for God’s assistance against his enemies both stand as a stark reminder of his triumphant trust in the Lord. David’s prayer more than aptly applies to anyone suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, another form of dementia, or any serious illness. Our desire is to be delivered and we want God to strike back at the enemy in every way possible.

One of the ways I strike the enemy, with God’s help, has been through clinical trial research. Since I was diagnosed over six years ago with Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, I have been a willing participant in clinical trials and studies for Alzheimer’s disease. I want to do everything possible to eradicate this disease for future generations. It is my battle cry! Sure I want God to deliver me, but how can I ask His help if I’m not willing to do my part.

The Alzheimer’s Association reports there are more than 250 clinical studies/trials for Alzheimer’s disease at over 700 trial sites across the country. That means there are lots of opportunities to strike the enemy in the face, break his jaw, and knock out his teeth! In fact, I am currently participating in another clinical trial at the University of Kentucky’s Sanders Brown Center on Aging. But it will not be my last because I will continue to take part in research trials and studies as long as I qualify and am physically able to participate.

My prayer has been much like King David’s prayer in the 3rd Psalm. I pray for the Lord to arise, to deliver me, to strike this enemy down, and to protect future generations from this disease. I am completely confident in my prayer. Why? Because I have a triumphant trust in the Lord! May this be your prayer today as well.

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