Peaceful Sleep

I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety. Psalm 4:8

Many biblical scholars believe the 3rd and 4th Psalm were once combined into a single literary work. The 3rd Psalm was a prayer offered in the early morning (see 3:5) while the 4th Psalm was a prayer offered in the evening as evidenced by today’s passage. Some scholars even refer to the 4th Psalm as the Evening Psalm. It is the perfect Psalm to pray after a tense, tiring, tedious, and turbulent day. Perhaps that is exactly what God had in mind when He inspired King David to write the words of this Psalm. Thankfully we have this Psalm to use in our prayers when words fail us on those dreadfully difficult days.

I especially love the way this Psalm ends. David states that he will lie down and sleep peacefully because the Lord allows him to dwell in safety. It is the perfect ending for an evening prayer after a difficult day. Why? Because everyone wants to rest peacefully when they lie down for the night.

Peaceful sleep is something that can be disrupted so easily especially if we are anxious about something. However, if we truly trust in the Lord, then anxious thoughts should not keep us awake at night. All we need do is remember the Lord watches over the way of the righteous (1:6) and blessed are all who take refuge in Him (2:12).

Perhaps you are having a tense, tiring, tedious, and turbulent day. If so, ask the Lord to watch over you and bless your day. Then when evening comes, break out your Bible and use the 4th Psalm in your evening prayer.

May God allow you to lie down and sleep in peace tonight. May His blanket of protection allow you to dwell in safety. May you be blessed as you continue to take refuge in Him.

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