On Solid Ground

Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever. Psalm 125:1

Trust is a marvelous and magnificent mechanism. When we place our trust in something, we rely on it, we attach ourselves to it, we confide in it, we draw comfort from it, we feel protected by it, and we yield to it in times of uncertainty. Whatever it is we place our trust in, it becomes the mechanism that directs our life.

Unfortunately, many people place their trust in earthly things like fame, fortune, influence, and firm, healthy bodies. These earthly monuments seem to stand solid in good times but always seem to crumble when disaster strikes. In today’s passage, the psalmist declares that those who trust in the Lord are on solid ground and will not be shaken but will endure forever.

Trust in the Lord always brings eternal endurance and heavenly hope when chaotic circumstances, challenging crises, or crushing conditions shake the foundations of life. Standing on His promises, His Holy Word, provide a firm foundation that will never be shaken no matter how turbulent the trial. Even in the midst of a devastating illness, the faith of a true believer will prevail and God will never forsake Him.

Daniel Webster wrote, “Faith puts God between us and our circumstances.” Wow! Isn’t that exactly what we want when our world is shaken? Don’t we want God to stand between us and the disaster that looms at our doorstep? By holding firmly to our faith, trusting in the Lord, resting on His strong shoulders, and relying on His grace, we place Him between us and our earthly struggles.

No matter what your dire situation may be today, allow God to stand between you and it. He longs to be your fortress, your tall tower, your shield, and your refuge. Trust in Him today, stand on His solid ground, and you will not be shaken!

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