Meditate on God’s Mighty Deeds

I will meditate on all your works and consider all your mighty deeds. Psalm 77:12

Here at the Hornback Homestead, we are blessed with some sensational scenery especially in the fall when the leaves begin to turn. From our front porch there is a spectacular view of rolling hills and wooded areas that simply take your breath away during the autumn season. This sensational scenery stands as a stark reminder of the absolutely amazing handiwork of God when He created earth and my little corner of creation.

Often times, I sit on the front porch and meditate on the wonderful works of God. It is one of my favorite places to sit, drink my morning coffee, read from the Bible, and think about all the great deeds God has done. Today’s passage from the Psalms readily reminds us that we are to meditate on all God’s works and His mighty deeds just like the Psalmist. When we do this, we remember how incredibly awesome our Heavenly Father is in all the universe!

If God was able to create the universe, this earth, and everything on it, then He can surely work wonders through our lives if we will yield to Him. The Apostle Paul put it pretty succinctly when he wrote to the early Ephesian Church, “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Even in the midst of my daily struggles with Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, I know God still uses me for good work in His kingdom.

No matter what your struggles may be, God has good work for you to do as well. As you meditate on His great works and mighty deeds each day, He will reveal good works that you can do for His kingdom. This is His plan for our lives and I for one will not let Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease get in the way of His perfect plan!


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