Like a Bird Alone on a Roof

I lie awake; I have become like a bird alone on a roof. Psalm 102:7

Many Bible commentators suggest that Psalm 102 was written during a troubling time in the history of God’s people. It most likely refers to the Babylonian captivity when God’s chosen people were held captive, God’s house was in shambles, the holy city was in ruins, allies had deserted them, and God’s work on earth was seemingly at a standstill.

Today’s passage describes how lonely and distraught the Psalmist felt. But haven’t we all felt this way at one time or another? Either our finances are in ruins, loved ones have deserted us, we are being held captive by our afflictions, our lives are in shambles, or all we’ve worked for on earth has been for naught. We feel alone and isolated from all hope. Because of our dire circumstance, we often believe God has deserted us and we wallow in deep despair.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. God remains forever with the believer. His Holy Spirit lives within the heart of His children. All we need do is to focus on God and not on our circumstances. How do we do this? Whenever I begin to feel discouraged, distraught, or in despair, I pick up the Bible and read my favorite passage from Philippians, Psalms, or Galatians. These always remind me that God is an ever present force in my life and His strength is sufficient for all my struggles brought on by Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Then I pray and thank God for His help and goodness in my life!

If you are struggling with despair today, read God’s Holy Word. If you are lying awake at night because you can’t sleep, recite familiar passages and pray. You will feel God’s presence which always brings hope and peace. God is always with you. You are never like a bird alone on a roof!

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2 Responses to Like a Bird Alone on a Roof

  1. Art says:

    I fear less being a bird alone on a roof than I fear leaving my wife alone on a roof. In this day and age and culture, that perhaps makes me a sexist pig unwilling to acknowledge that no woman needs a man to care for her. Well then, let me say loud and clear: oink, oink. Yes, my wife is very capable and had a successful career of her own before she retired, but now she has some physical issues of her own. The road I’m on likely will drain her energy to exhaustion caring for me before a nursing home squeezes the last penny out of our very modest savings. Then she’ll be alone on a roof. That is what I fear.

    Still, your counsel is sound, Paul. My wife (whose faith is stronger than my own) and I must read and study and apply God’s Word every day. We must pray. We must trust in His promises. Jesus said, “If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him?” Luke 11:13. So if we sincerely and earnestly and repeatedly pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit, we will never be alone on a roof. Very easy to write those words, incredibly hard for me to do in practice – but the point is to keep at it.

    • paul says:

      Art, I understand your fear/concern about leaving your wife alone and penniless. I too am concerned about the same issue but I have to trust that God will somehow move in our situation to our good. I know that seems trite but I have no control over the future and years ago I decided to leave that in God’s hands. He is more than capable to orchestrate things to our good in spite of the dismal circumstance we find ourselves in. Like you said, God will never leave us alone on the roof because we are filled with the Holy Spirit who guides, directs, teaches, encourages, and inspires each of us to do the will of God. Paul

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