He Is Holy

Great is the Lord in Zion; he is exalted over all the nations. Let them praise your great and awesome name – he is holy. Psalm 99:2-3

I suppose you could say that I am a morning person who always looks forward to the start of a new day. Every morning is a chance to start anew, wait on an anticipated blessing from the Lord, delight in the marvels of God’s creation, or enjoy the fellowship of other Christians. Every sunrise marks an opportunity to seize the day so God can be exalted in my life, family, community, and country. It all starts with the dawn of a new day and the eagerness, the thirst, and the hunger to be still before the Lord and praise Him. There is no better way to start each new day!

Perhaps this is the message the Psalmist was trying to convey in the 99th Psalm. Since God is supreme, sovereign, holy, mighty, enthroned in heaven, Lord over all nations, just, and righteous, then He is worthy of all our praise. In spite of anything happen in our lives or on this earth, God alone is sovereign. He directs all things and He works all things according to His will, not ours.

Take time this morning to quietly read the 99th Psalm and spend some time mediating on the words you’ve read. Spend a few moments praising Him for His great works in your life, for the many blessings He has bestowed upon you, for the plans He has for your life, and for His protection. Thank Him for the forgiveness of your sins and the right to be called a child of God. He is God Almighty, He is holy, He is awesome, and He is worthy of all our praise. If you will do these few things, your day will go unbelievably better and be filled with the joy that only comes from knowing God is in complete control.

It truly won’t matter if you have Alzheimer’s disease because you will be basking in the warmth, comfort, and safety of your Heavenly Father! He alone understands everything you are going through. He alone wants to be your guide along the unfamiliar Alzheimer’s path. He is the only one who can provide the hope you need to continue forward. So be still before Him today and praise Him for He is Holy!

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  1. Michael Berry says:

    A great word for us. Thanks for sharing Paul.
    Love ya bro

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