God’s Gracious Light

The day is your, and yours also the night; you established the sun and moon. Psalm 74:16

Today’s passage from the Psalms stands as a stark reminder of how God provided the day and the night. He established these boundaries during creation and formed the sun and moon to light them accordingly. As each new day dawns, I am reminded that God is in complete control of things far beyond my understanding. His faithfulness in these magnificent events that continue to happen every day helps me realize His grace is just as continual in my life.

God’s glorious grace literally lights my life in so many different ways. When the darkness of a foggy day overwhelms me, God always brings a glistening of light to pierce through the fog. Over the past few days, these little glimmers of light have included:

  • Beautiful blossoms from the flowers in the perennial beds here at the Hornback Homestead
  • Unusual birds on the pond bank that linger so I can enjoy the beauty of their unique features
  • Incredible sunsets that simply take my breath away
  • Precious passages, overlooked in the past, that touch my heart during my morning Bible reading
  • Wonderful periods of prayer when God’s presence is overwhelming
  • An incredible Vacation Bible School at our church where the kids warmed my heart.

These glistening glimmers of gracious light break through the fogginess bringing me ever closer to my Lord. Like the Apostle Paul said, “His grace is more than sufficient!” So I rely on the Lord’s grace to help me deal with the daily demands of dementia.

As you deal with your daily demands of dementia, remember that God’s grace can pierce through the fog that often accompanies dementia. Since He established the light for both the day and night during creation, then He can surely establish gracious light that glimmers in your life as well. Lean on His grace, trust in Him, and come to know that He is God Almighty.

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