Give Thanks to God

You are my God, and I will give you thanks; you are my God, and I will exalt you. Psalm 118:28

I generally don’t write much about my specific struggles with Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. I always try to be upbeat about the way my life is unfolding as I deal with the daily demands of dementia. However, my life is changing quite dramatically. I have more foggy days than clear days, have much more trouble following normal conversation, I no longer drive anywhere, most days I feel almost numb, I have trouble making even the simplest decisions, it takes an enormous amount of concentration to do most outdoor chores, I often forget what I’ve done, and I generally don’t want to leave the Hornback Homestead for any reason.

These are but a few of the daily struggles I feel comfortable sharing online. However, what is important is I don’t dwell on any of them. These struggles don’t define me and I persevere through them with the help of the Holy Spirit. Why? So I can continue to be of service in some small way to my Lord.

In spite of the struggles brought on by Alzheimer’s disease, I remain a very thankful man. Like today’s Psalm passage declares, I give thanks to God because He is my God. Therefore, I will exalt Him and praise Him in prayer. I often pray prayers filled with nothing but thankfulness. I don’t ask for a single thing, I just thank God for all the great and wonderful things He has done in my life. His blessings continue to surround me every day and for that I am a truly thankful, joyful, and humble man!

I love the way the Apostle Paul put it to the Thessalonians, “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” As I reread these words from yesterday’s devotion, they have special meaning to me and to anyone dealing with serious struggles in their life. God wants us to be joyful, to pray, and to give thanks no matter what our circumstances may be.

As you begin your day, keep in mind today’s Psalm passage and Paul’s instructions to the Thessalonians. Then joyfully offer up prayers of thanksgiving and praise to our Lord. Not only will it make you feel better, but it will be a sweet and fragrant offering to the One who loves you unconditionally. He is your God and He shall be exalted!

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2 Responses to Give Thanks to God

  1. Ruth says:

    Dear Paul,
    Thank you for sharing your struggles with us. I think, my beloved is experiencing the same or similar challenges as you are. But what I have noticed is the following: As he is no longer burdened with having to remember things and no longer weighed down with responsibilities and the past, painful or otherwise, he finds great joy in the moment. The sight of a butterfly greatly delights him. He loves to sit and watch the finches at their feeder. He rejoices in the flowers still in bloom. He “sees” with the heart. To me, that is the most beautiful thing to behold.
    And I do believe, by living in the present, he has drawn close to God. All the barriers between him and His God have fallen away or are falling away. This is why I truly believe that dementia is a sacred journey–back to the source, which is God.
    May you be showered with blessings,

    • paul says:

      Ruth, thanks for sharing your husband’s journey with us and I too believe it can be a sacred journey as God draws us closer to Him. I pray that God continues to shower your husband and you with blessings and joy. God bless, Paul

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