This blog was started so that Alzheimer’s patients or people suffering from other types of dementia have a place to go and read about living faithfully in spite of their disease. The devotional blogs contain scripture from the NIV Bible with a few words about how it applies to living with dementia from the author’s perspective as he battles Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Struggling with Alzheimer’s or other dementia in the early to mid stages of the disease can be difficult but it need not impact your faith in God. He remains with you, has not forgotten you, and understands your situation. He loves you dearly and wants to help you in your daily battles. If you belong to Him, He will never forsake you!

I will be writing initially from the Psalms as these Scriptures bring an element of peace and hope into my daily life. I will try to write Monday – Friday as long as I can continue to write clearly. I hope you are blessed in some way by each devotion.

God Bless,



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  1. Andrea Ross says:

    So now I know what a blog is. This is wonderful, and such a blessing to those with Alzheimers. Your faith is an inspiration to me and Elizabeth.

  2. flashdrive says:

    Hi Paul…I’m sorry that I have taken so long to reply to the wonderful comments on the other site…I can’t remember my password and I get all confused when I can’t sign in. Please thank everyone for their help and thoughts. I have good days and bad days but I can feel God guiding me. My mind seems to clear when I get ready for my daily devotional group and I Praise God for that. I go for my 3 hour testing on April 4th. I really have problems when I need to follow directions…sigh…I hope they understand that. I seem ok when I’m just talking to people, except when I forget what we are talking about LOL. But when it comes to directions that is hard for me…well anyway I want to thank you for your site here…I’ll catch you later 🙂 flash

    • paul says:

      thanks for you comment. Hope the testing goes well. Remember, God is with you through all of this and He will remain by your side no matter what. God takes joy in each of us when our faith remains strong through the strugglwe face. Continue to praise Him and trust Him for He is God alone! You remain in my prayers as another faithful Alzheimer’s Warrior! God Bless, Paul

  3. Tru here. Jeff B introduced your blog series during our Christian chat for Dementia Mentors today. What a GREAT idea for a blog series !!

    • paul says:

      Tru thanks for your kind words. God put this on my heart soon after I was diagnosed. It has been a joy and privilege to write and hopefully help others. Thanks for looking and sharing the site. God bless, Paul

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