A Heart Filled with Joy

You have filled my heart with greater joy than when their grain and new wine abound. Psalm 4:7

Three years ago, I published my first book God Still Remembers Me. The book was a 52 week set of daily devotions written specifically for Alzheimer’s patients struggling with the issues and challenges of living with dementia while holding on to their faith. When I received the first printed copy, it was quite wonderful to see over three years of writing every day materialize into a published book.

As I reviewed many of the devotions, I could not remember writing most of them. It was like reading someone else’s work. None the less, my heart was filled with joy as I skimmed through the pages of that devotional.

Today’s passage reassures us our hearts can still be filled with joy over something wonderful. In spite of our illness, the Lord surprisingly brings joy into our lives. Maybe it comes in the form of a beautiful sunset, a note from a dear friend, an unexpected gift, a visit from an old high school alumnus, or the successful completion of a lifelong goal. Whatever the circumstance, embrace the joy and thank God for His marvelous grace.

Perhaps you are struggling today in your battle with Alzheimer’s disease and frustration has met you at every corner. Take time and be still before the Lord. Allow His peace to fill your life as you draw close to Him. Then joy will fill your heart as you realize He is with you now and forevermore.

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